How to Invite All Facebook Friends to Like Facebook Fan Page [100% working]

Here we show how to invite all Facebook friends to like Facebook fan page without getting any problem. Now a days everyone uses Facebook for different purposes, even famous brands also used Facebook to increase social engagement of their products. To improve the engagement between companies and users they build fan pages and promote their products. Straight to the point, if you have fan page and you want to invite your all Facebook friends to like that page then this article will be helpful for you.
invite facebook friends to like page

How to Invite All Facebook Friends to Like Facebook Fan Page:

1. First of all you need to open your Facebook fan page by logging into your account. If you don’t have fan page check it here how to create Facebook fan page.
2. Now click on “see all” on invite friends section to see all your Facebook friends in one place.
invite facebook friends to like page
3. Now scroll the mouse until you reach the last one on the dialogue box.
invite dialogue box on facebook
4. Here the trick begins, copy the below code to invite all Facebook friends at a time to like your fan page.
var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName('uiButton _1sm');
for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) {

5. There are two ways to send requests one is from console and another one is from address bar. By using console method you can sent requests to small amount of people but if you have maximum number of friends then it shows an error in the console.
invite facebook friends through console
6. So if you have large amount of Facebook friends then use second method by paste the code in browser address bar(Don’t forgot to scroll mouse till the end).
7. Here we use JavaScript to invite all Facebook friends so we need to add JavaScript before the whole code like this
invite facebook friends through address bar
8. After entering the code just press enter and see the magic. Your invitation will be sent to all your Facebook friends.

That’s it by using this method you can invite all friends to like your Facebook fan page. This is a simple trick and everyone can easily invite their friends to like Facebook fan page.

If you have any doubts while using this method please leave a message below.
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3 Best Websites to Get Free Mobile Recharge by Playing Games and Quiz

Today we discussed about 3 websites to get free mobile recharge by participating on quiz, games and sending messages. Now a days everyone uses mobile to communicate with others throughout the world, for this purpose we need mobile balance. In Internet there are so many websites are available which provide online recharge and at the same time most of the websites provide free mobile recharge. They give mobile recharge based on your performance on their website like sending sms, playing quiz, upload funny pictures etc. Here we select 
get free mobile recharge

3 Best Websites to Get Free Mobile Recharge:

1. Ultoo:

ultoo free mobile recharge
Ultoo is a free mobile recharge website which gives free recharge to users for sending messages to your friends. Not only messages you can also earn free recharge while playing quiz, create polls and surveys. For each correct question they will reward you with some money. You can get free recharge once your earnings will reach payment threshold. You can send daily 50 messages to your friends. You can earn 2Rs for each referral.
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2. Amulyam:

amulyam free mobile recharge
Amulyam is another free recharge website with more trust, this website comes up with some great deals and you can earn money while shopping, travelling, books buying, software installing etc. For each transaction you made from this website gives some money. They offer wide range of services to earn free recharge while playing games, uploading funny images and videos, installing themes on browsers. You’ll get 25p for every day login, if you book flight tickets then you’ll get much free recharge.
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3. Laaptu:

laaptu free mobile recharge
Laaptu is another website which gives free recharge for completing surveys, creating polls, participating in quiz. You can earn 3Rs by inviting your friends to join in this website. You can earn recharge instantly by playing quiz by competing others on the quiz. There are some other games also available like math quiz for mathematical students, fun quiz etc.
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Final Words: These websites doesn't earn much money for you but you can earn decent money in the long run and that amount will be enough to your daily mobile talk time.
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Whatsapp for PC or Laptop Free Download | Windows XP/7/8

Now you can download whatsapp for pc, here is the complete process of installing whatsapp for pc and also we mention the features of whatsapp. You can use it on both windows and mac operating systems. In windows it is available for windows 7/8 and XP operating systems. We all know whatsapp is the top communication application to chat with friends and at the same time you can make free voice calls to your friends who already install whatsapp on their mobile. WhatsApp have around 400 million active users every month and 400 million photos shared every day. Recently it is owned by Facebook for a huge amount$19 billion.

Download WhatsApp for PC or Laptop (Windows XP/7/8):

Whatsapp presently supports all types of mobile operating systems  iPhone, android, Symbian, Nokia Asha, windows 8 mobile, blackberry etc. but they doesn’t provide any official application for windows operating system. Don’t worry we have one solution for this problem.

Steps to Download WhatsApp for PC:

1. First of all we need to download one android app emulator which works perfectly on every windows operating system. That is bluestacks.
2. You can download it from their official website, alternatively you can download offline installer of bluestacks from the below link.
3. Now install it on your computer or laptop by double clicking on the application. After finishing the installation you need to launch bluestacks app player.
4. We are using it first time so we need sync our mobile with that application by signing into your Google account. After syncing you can download any type of android applications from the app store.
5. Now click on search button and type whatsapp on the search box to search for whatsapp application. After searching it shows different applications related to whatsapp, you need to grab correct one from that list.

6. after choosing application download it from play store and install it on your pc by accepting app permissions.

7. after installation click on open button to start application on your pc and complete the setup by creating an account on whatsapp.

Features of WhatsApp:

  • Interface of this application is clean and simple which will make you to use this application as the default one. Navigation from one tab to another one is easy and you can perform actions with keyboard shortcuts.
  • There is no hidden costs of using this application and at the same time they charge only 1$ per one year. By the way you can use this application free for one year.
  • There are no charges for international calls or messages because this application fully works on your internet plan, the only thing is you and your friend must install this application on both devices.
  • You can communicate with one or more friends at a time using group chat feature. This will be helpful while all of your friends are at one meeting.
  • As per the recent reports people send 400 million messages every day to their friends via whatsapp, so you can understand how much amount of messages sent daily. Not only messages but also you can send images, video clips, and voice notes to your friends and other contacts.
  • No need to add every contact of your address book into whatsApp application because it automatically synchronize every contact to their database and shows who already in WhatsApp from your friends list.
  • There is no need of login and logout from the application and you can always be online with the help of push notifications. Along with these features you can share your current location, set custom wallpaper as your application background, set custom notification sounds and also exchange your contacts with your friends.

Changes in the Latest Version:

  • Video thumbnails size increased in chat which is lesser in the previous version.
  • Now you can also pay for your friend’s whatsapp service and camera shortcut added for fast picture sending purpose.
  • Now you can show up unread messages on home screen and this is available for Android 3.0 or higher devices.
  • Whatsapp developers add Hindi language for Indian users and it is available for android 4.0 users.
  • New settings implemented for last seen, profile status options on privacy settings.

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How to See Who is Using Your Wi-Fi | Best Methods

Do you want to know who is using your Wi-Fi? Then you’re at right place. Here we provide best methods to check who is using your Wi-Fi anonymously. Wi-Fi is the best way to share internet between different devices but you need to follow some precautions to protect your Wi-Fi network and at the same time your important files which are located on your pc. Yes someone can see through your Wi-Fi and able to control your pc.
To prevent from these problems you must track your wireless network and keep an eagle eye on it. Here are the best methods to see who is using your Wi-Fi.

Using Third Party Software:

There are so many methods available to check who is using your Wi-Fi network but getting help of third party software is the easiest method than others. Here I show the process to detect unauthorized users who use your Wi-Fi connection.

Steps to Check Who is Using your Wi-Fi:

1. First download who is on my Wi-Fi from the below link and install it on your pc.
Download who is on my Wi-Fi
2. After installation open that application and click on Scan now button to see how many users access your internet connection.
3. Now it show all devices which are connected to your Wi-Fi network, if you found any suspicious device in that list immediately remove that device from the list by clicking on the remove button.

It’s better to change password of your Wi-Fi router and change the security settings to WPA2 (AES).

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Manual Method to see who is using your Wi-Fi:

This is another method to detect who is your wireless network. Most of the wireless routers have these security settings.

Steps to Follow:

1. Open any browser and type or or on the address bar (Most of the routers have these addresses only).
2. If it asks any username or password then enter below credentials. Otherwise click on the below link to know your router default URL, username and password.

Default Passwords of Routers
3. After that login into your wireless router settings and go to wireless settings and choose Basic settings.
4. Now click on show active client’s button to get the details of users who uses your Wi-Fi network. If the list is more than your devices then someone is using your Wi-Fi router. So it’s time to change password and change the security type to WPA2 (AES).

How Can I Confirm Someone Using My Wireless Network?

1. Its very simple, you already have some mac address from your Wi-Fi settings. Now open command prompt in administrator mode and type ipconfig/all in command prompt.
2. Now it shows all details about your pc including mac address, so match your mac address with Wi-Fi router mac address and confirm that is one of your device or not.

Some Important Tips to Protect Wi-Fi Network:

Don’t use names and places as Wi-Fi password and don’t put Wi-Fi network name and password as same.
Protect your Wi-Fi network with WPA2 (AES) protection which is not easy to crack the wireless network.
Don’t use default router username and password to login into wireless network and change password of that network.

If You have any doubts while securng your Wi-Fi please leave a comment below?we will help you.
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Trace Mobile Number with Name,Location,Operator

do you want to know about the details of any mobile number?Now its easy and you can know about all details of any mobile number like name,address and operator name.

Now a days mobile usage is increased and most of the people have mobiles.Daily millions of phone calls are done by the people,some of them are wrong calls.Do you want to know about that number?Now you can find any mobile number name,address and operator etc.There are so many online tools are available to trace the location of mobile but you can't trace name using those tools.

So here i introduce two online tools which reveals name,location and operator details of every mobile number.

Trace Mobile Number With Name,Location and Operator:

Here we use one powerful online tool to trace mobile number with name and other details that is Truecaller.Truecaller have large directory of mobile numbers with names and other important details.Check out the process of tracing name of any mobile number.

1. First open truecaller website by clickinng on this link and enter the mobile number which you want to find the details.

2. Once you click on Search button it asks you to login into the account through Google,Facebook,Yahoo or any other available account which is mentined on that page.

3. Here i choose google account, after that it prompts one dailogue box which asks you to set your country.Simply choose your country and click on Proceed buttoon.
4. Now the details of mobile number are displayed on the next page with name,location.

By using truecaller you can find only mobile number with name and location but not operator name.So if you want full details then try site2sms website.

1. Before you find mobile number details through this website you need to create an account in this website.
2. Once you create an account from this website you can find any mobile number name,location and operator name.
3. After login into your account go to the top of the page and select "track any mobile location".

4. Now enter mobile number and click on track mobile location button.Then it shows the details of mobile number in a format with name,operator and location or region.

If you have smartphone then you can install truecaller application on your mobile and enjoy some more benifits like unknown number blocking,searching mobile number details etc.

How these Websites Work?

These websites gather information from our mobiles.Yes truecaller application get mobile numbers with names which are stored in our mobile  andd they show the same name whihc we saved in our mobile.In Some times they gather numbers from institutions,colleges etc.
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5 Gmail Tips to Become a Gmail Master

5 tips to become a gmail masterIn this article I describe about 10 Gmail tips which reduces your work on Gmail and at the same time it increases your productivity.

Gmail is the leading web mail provider with 425 million users worldwide. Now everyone should accept Gmail as their personal address in internet. Because we need it from early morning to late night. By the way it also continuous with our life cycle and be a part in our life cycle. In today’s world most of the people need an email address to perform some other tasks, because it becomes an online identity to everyone. It has so many features like 15 GB storage, secure email sending, social networking, spam filtering, voice and video chatting etc.

Coming to the point here I share 10 tips which are helpful to become a Gmail master. Apart from that you will learn some good stuff to maintain your Gmail perfectly.

1. Set Gmail as Your Default Email Client:

Some time you need to click on “mailto” links, at that time it prompts to open any available email client in your pc.If any software available like Microsoft outlook, Mozilla thunderbird it will be ok otherwise it shows nothing. So in this case you can use Gmail as your default client. Because we can’t guaranty about that every pc should have outlook and thunderbird. So setting Gmail as default email client is a good decision.
Here is the process of setting Gmail as default email client in all major browsers.

For Chrome Users:

If you use Google chrome as your browser then follow the below simple trick.

1. Here I use one Google chrome app that is “mailto”. Click on the below link to install it on your browser.

2. after adding it to browser choose Gmail in that extensions options menu.

mail to extension

3. From now onwards every time you open mail to links those are opened by Gmail automatically.

For Firefox Users:

1. Surprisingly Firefox give an option to set Gmail as default email client. To do this open Firefox browser and go to Tools->Options menu.

2. Now navigate to applications tab and search for “mailto”, select action “use Gmail” and click on ok button.

mail to in firefox

For Internet Explorer Users:

1. Open internet explorer and download Google toolbar. Because Internet explorer doesn’t provide mail to option directly.

2. After installing click on toolbar’s wrench menu and select options. Now check “use Gmail for “mail to” links” under “Web-browsing tools” section.

options of google toolbar

mail to in internet explorer

3. Click on save button to complete the action.

2. Sign-out Gmail Remotely:

Do you use your Gmail account from different locations with different devices? Sometimes you forgot to sign out your Gmail account. Don’t worry about that you can sign out your Gmail account remotely from another account.

1. Login into your mail account, go to the bottom of the inbox you will find out one link named as “details”.

last login location

2. Click on that to see your latest activity information in a table format and also sign out all other sessions.

singout all other sessions

3. Use Gmail Without Internet Connection:

Yes you heard right, using Gmail without internet connection is possible with few modifications and setup. To do this you need to install one Google chrome app.

1. Go to Google app store and search Gmail offline, install it on your chrome browser.

2. Now in your first setup you need to login into your account and synchronize all mails from your inbox.

3. Now your Gmail offline app is ready to use. By using this application you can read all messages in a tabbed view.

gmail offline

4. Filter Email with Personalized address:

If you run a business then you need different email addresses for different purposes and everyone should start with your name or your company name. This trick is useful for those purposes. You can use this trick with different symbols like +, ‘.’

Just add +symbol after your name on mail address and some extra to it. For example and In the same way you can use ‘.’ to get different mail address without creating another account.

personalized gmail address

5. Send Automatic Replies to People:

If you observe some companies send mail with automatic reply after you sent a mail to them. In the same way you can also send automatic replies to people instead of typing reply for every email.

To do this you need to activate one lab feature in your Gmail settings.

1. Click on gear icon and select Settings from that menu, now navigate to labs section and search for “canned responses”.

gmail settings

2. You will get one result with that name. Simply select enable radio button and click on save changes button.

enable canned responses

3. Now try to send reply to anyone by clicking on reply option. Before sending reply type reply message in the box and click on right bottom of the reply box, click on drop down box and select canner responses->new canned response.

canned responses

4. Now it prompts another dialogue box, write the name of canned response in that box and click on ok button.

sample canned response

5. From now onwards you can insert that canned response for any email.

These are the best tips to become a Gmail master. If you like this article then mention it on comments. If you want more tips leave a message in the below comments section.
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How to Watch YouTube Videos in Slow Internet Connection

watch youtube in slow internet connection
This small tutorial explains about how to watch YouTube videos in slow internet connection with full screenshots.

YouTube is the world’s top video hosting website with daily million views. It is in 3rd position according to Alexa traffic stats. There are few other video hosting websites are also available to users but no can beat YouTube. It is a product of Google. Every day lakhs of videos are uploaded into YouTube throughout the world. You can also upload your videos into your YouTube account.

Straight to the point, multimedia content takes to time load on webpage because of its size. In the same way videos which are hosted in YouTube also takes time to play continuously. It is ok for high speed internet connections but slow internet connection doesn’t play videos continuously. For that purpose here I share some tips to improve the video playing in slow internet connection.

You can watch YouTube videos in slow internet connection in two ways. They are
1. Using Inbuilt settings
2. Using YouTube New Feature 

Using YouTube Settings:

The same doubt also arises to Google, so they provide some options for slow internet connection users. Here we review those settings.

1. First of all you need to login into your YouTube account. Enter your Gmail credentials and login into YouTube account.

2. Now play any video from the dashboard or search for another video. Now go to the bottom right of the video and click on gear icon which have different types of video quality.

3. By default it selects high quality video (I will show you why it takes high quality), so select very least and low quality video that means 360p or 240p.

4. Now play the video and just click on pause button to buffer the video some amount of time. Now it shows a grey bar on the video (which allows you to play video continuously on slow internet connections.).

How to Set Low Quality Video Setting Permanently?

1. Click on YouTube settings on the top right of the webpage or alternatively click on the below link to navigate YouTube settings.

2. Now select “playback” option on the left sidebar of the webpage. Now it shows some settings about video playback.

3. Under video playback quality it shows two options. One is “always choose best quality for my connection” and another one is “I have a slow connection, never play high quality video”.

4. Choose the second option and click on “save” button to make the changes in YouTube videos quality.

Using YouTube Feather Beta Feature:

1. This is another trick to play YouTube videos in slow internet connection. Presently this is under testing process, in future it will be available completely to all users. To access this feature click on the following link.

2. Now click on Join feather beta button, after that it automatically activated to your account.

3. Now play any video in YouTube and it automatically plays in latency mode.

This way you can play and watch YouTube videos in your slow internet connection also.

Do you know any other tricks? Then share them in the below comment box.
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